Wife of man who streamed their baby's murder on Facebook Live says she's not angry with social media site

Wife of the man who killed their child and himself not angry at Facebook over live video

The video was posted in Thailand, and was available for 24 hours before being removed

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The wife of the man who killed their daughter on a Facebook Live video in Thailand has made it clear she holds no anger towards the company. 

Chiranut Trairat's husband, Wuttisan Wongtalay, killed both their 11-month old baby daughter and himself in an abandoned hotel in Phuket.

He did so on a live stream which subsequently went viral in Thailand and was widely reported by Thai media outlets.

The video was available for viewing for 24 hours before Facebook responded to complaints and removed the video. The network released a statement to apologise to the family of the victims. 

Trairat has said she is not angry with the social network, nor the users who shared the video. 

She has made it clear the only person at fault is her deceased husband. 

In addition to the Thai baby murder, Facebook has also come under fire following the shooting of a man in Cleveland, Ohio, which was also broadcast on the site.

Facebook has promised it will review the speed at which it removes distressing content from the site.