WikiHow says sorry for portraying Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Barack Obama as white

Wikihow issues apology for portraying Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Barack Obama as white

The picture which showed them as white (Credit: Twitter @wikiHow)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WikiHow has issued an apology for a cartoon which showed Beyonce, Jay-Z and Barack Obama as white. 

The website - which published how-to articles to instruct readers on how to complete tasks - had written an article with the title "How to become a congressman”. 

For the picture within an article, they appear to have based the drawing on a picture taken of the superstar couple with the former president at an event in New York City in 2012.

However, the cartoon showed all of them as white, with Obama having brown hair drawn on as well. 

The website issued its apology on Twitter: 

They explained the image had apparently been created in January 2014 by a team of illustrators, with the colorist not known the colour of their skin.

WikiHow insisted they would talk with their illustrators to avoid instances like this in the future.