Will China boycott United Airlines? There's plenty of evidence to say yes

A list of five notable Chinese boycotts
1. 3,300 Chinese tourists refuse to leave cruise ship for South Korean resort
2. Tourist board calls for boycott of Japanese hotel over massacre denial claims
3. ‘Forced shopping’ death results in calls for boycott of travel to Hong Kong.
4. Protesters boycott French supermarket chain.
5. Chinese tourist call for boycott of Maldives over instant noodles.

United Airlines have cause for worry, here's a list of five notable boycotts imposed by the Chinese.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In the wake of an incident which went viral over the weekend, United Airlines have been threatened with a boycott in China. And, if recent history is anything to go by, the firm has plenty of reason to worry

The Chinese take their boycotts very seriously, wielding their new-found commercial power and sense of national pride on a regular basis. In fact the country's tourists have launched several official and semi-official boycotts in recent months, their bullish stance reflected by the country's government.

Check out five of their most recent boycotts in the gallery above.