Will The Two Mikes get a perk from cold brew coffee?

The Two Mikes try out cold brew coffee

Will Porky and MG like a cold brew?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Two Mikes tried out an interesting new trend on their show on Wednesday. 

Cold brew coffee is exactly what it says on the tin - coffee brewed cold and served chilled. 

It's now being served by both High Street shops like Costa and hipster venues, and the trend's been given fresh momentum by Starbucks.

The company announced a rollout of the stuff, under the name of Nitro coffee, in specilised stores around London and Manchester. 

Mike Parry and Mike Graham, while speaking to David Law from Brew Lab Coffee based in Edinburgh, decided to give cold-brew a shot. 

Naturally things got heated as M&M debated the pros and cons of the new beverage in their inimitably feisty style.

Watch above.