Willcocks Nursery School: Princess Charlotte's nursery where you've got to pay £125 just to get on the waiting list

Willcocks Nursery School: Princess Charlotte starts a costly education

The main quad at Willcocks, as seen in a watercolour image on its website

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It's one of Britain's most exclusive kindergartens, nestled in the shadow of the Royal Albert Hall. And, if kids want to play out at lunchtime, they can go and run around Hyde Park.

Yep, Willcocks Nursery School is very much fit for a Princess, and it's no surprise William and Kate have opted to send baby Charlotte there.

Naturally the school will cost a fortune, with fees which will even make the Royal Family's eyes water. The highest price for a term is £3,050 for mornings only and the afternoons cost £1,800 per term - meaning that if Charlotte went to both sessions for a whole year it would cost £14,500. We doubt it's going to hurt the Royal Family financially, but it's beyond the wildest dreams of most families.

Worse still, those exorbitant fees don't even include lunch. If you want your child to have a good feed during the school day, you've got to pay extra; in fact a daily meal costs an extra £1,740.

And it doesn't stop there. If parents want to reserve a place for their child from the day they're born, they have to pay £125, and that only gets them a place on the waiting list. If they eventually make the cut, they have to pay a £1,500 deposit, which is only returned to the parents at the end of the child's last-ever term - as long as they give the nursery notice, in writing, a full term in advance.

But there are some perks, at least for the royal couple. Princess Charlotte won't be playing with the tatty old toys you find at most nurseries; her mum and dad will fill in a questionnaire so the nursery can bring in her favourite toys before she even arrives.

When the kids aren't playing with these bespoke trinkets, there's plenty to do. The Willcocks timeable includes a slot for "free play" as well as "circle time" with hymns, prayers and a bit of show n' tell. There's time built in for educational activities as well as singing, acting, band practice, cooking and poetry.

The nursery is actually run only by women, the headmistress is a woman named Lavinia Taylor and she purports to inculcate high educational standards, good manners and “a traditional nursery school" environment.

The teachers also keep records of how well the children are doing in the nursery and talk about their reports with parents on a regular basis, so Princess Charlotte will have to be on her best behaviour - or Will and Kate might be hauled in to explain themselves.