Wimbledon tennis poisoning "stoops to a new low", says British former player Barry Cowan

Possible Wimbledon poisoning 'stoops to a new low', says Barry Cowen

Poison claim: did someone deliberately tinker with Taylor's drink?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Commentator and former tennis player Barry Cowan has told talkRADIO the possible deliberate poisoning of a junior tennis player "stoops to a new low" in sport. 

British youngster Gabriella Taylor, 18, spent four days in intensive care last month after becoming unwell during her quarter-final match at Junior Wimbledon. 

She was diagnosed with a rare strain of leptospirosis, a form of Weil's disease, which is most commonly transmitted through rat urine.

Taylor's mother suggested foul play and the Metropolitan Police last week launched an investigation whether the teenager had been deliberately poisoned, a theory that has been deemed unlikely by medical experts.

Cowan told Julia Hartley-Brewer that, even though there is no prize money on offer at Junior Wimbledon, the potential rewards could provide a motive. 

"You can get big endorsements – clothing companies, racket companies. Sponsors might come calling because they might see you as a future world No.1.

"[Players are going] to have to go to huge lengths now to make sure their food, their water, their drinks aren't tampered with. 

"This stoops to a new low."

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