Witness tells harrowing account of Grenfell Tower fire

Witness tells harrowing account of Grenfell Tower fire

Yasmin lives close to the tower block, and she told Paul Ross about what she saw

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A witness of the Grenfell Tower fire has told Paul Ross her account of the incident. 

A fire broke out in the 27-storey building in the early hours of Wednesday morning and burned throughout the day as authorities worked to douse the flames. 

Yasmin, who lives close to the tower block in west London, told the Full Set Breakfast she'd been woken up by the bright orange glow of the fire as it broke out. 

She told Paul: "It’s been going on from one o clock in the morning – three or four hours of complete fire.

"There was no stopping it – it went from one side and worked its way around the whole block. There was an orange glow for quite some time.

"That’s what woke me up in the morning, there was so much brightness coming from the window, but it wasn’t even daytime."

Yasmin, who had family members living in the building, said the authorities gave out mixed messages as to what the residents should do.

"The police were called around 12:45," she said, "but we didn’t see anyone here until 1:30, so there was a lot of time for the fire to spread with no action. 

"We went out to check because we have family members who live there, and the police had cordoned off the area. They were telling us people had to stay in the building for their own safety, but we could see the fire was completely covering the building.

"They [the police] said there was no way out for them on the stairs and they’d have to wait for the emergency services to help them.

"At four in the morning, they then said the residents had to get themselves out because we need to help the emergency services, but for the last three hours they were told to stay in place."

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