Wolf on the loose in Berkshire after escaping from enclosure

Wolf on the loose in Berkshire after escaping from enclosure

A wolf escaped after fencing was blown down (stock photo)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A wolf has escaped from its enclosure in Berkshire due to strong winds blowing down fencing.

It is thought the animal got out of the Wolf Conservation Trust site at around 8am this morning (January 18).

Those searching for the wolf believe they know the area that it is in and have said they aim to recapture it by shooting it with a tracker dart.

After this, officials will tranquilise the wolf before transporting it back to the enclosure.

It is thought to currently be somewhere between Coldash and Curridge, which is at least 10 miles away from its home.

A helicopter is being used to aid the search alongside police officers and Animal Capture UK.

Residents have been sent a text from Thames Valley Police warning them that the animal is on the loose.

Reports claim police officers arrived at primary schools at around 8:30am to ensure all pupils were inside and safe.

Schools have been instructed to keep children inside until further notice, according to the BBC. Police are advising anyone who sees the wolf not to approach it and to stay away.

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