Woman accuses Taco Bell of racism for not selling french fries

Woman accuses Taco Bell of racism for not selling french fries

Unsurprisingly Taco Bell does not sell french fries

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A woman accused Taco Bell of being racist after a member of staff explained to her that the chain did not sell french fries, a video appears to show.

Reports claim that the woman may have been drunk during the incident, as she looked at the menu whilst attempting to order, according to Fox News.

When told that the fast food restaurant did not sell french fries, she responded “you’re Burger King, you don’t sell french fries?”

Despite being told that she was in a Taco Bell, when asked to order again she still asked for french fries. The woman then tried to get the staff member serving her to read the menu to her but this was refused.

This caused the customer to claim “this is racism at it’s f***ing finest" and it seems as if she almost starts crying.

Another customer then got involved and told the woman "tacos and burritos" are what is sold by Taco Bell sell and said the incident was not racist.

But for some reason the woman suggested she works with “with people who are challenged every day” and continued to talk about Burger King.

Although another staff member tried to help her start ordering again, the woman decided to leave as she said “I don’t like what happened here."