Woman angered by politician's sexist meme beats him in local election

Woman angered by politician's sexist meme beats him in local election

John Carman posted a meme during a women's march (Stock image)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A woman was so angry about a sexist meme posted by New Jersey politician John Carman that she decided to run against him - and won his seat.

Democrat Ashley Bennett won the Atlantic County freeholder seat on Tuesday (November 7)​ beating Carman, a Republican. He was running for his second term in New Jersey.​

Carman had uploaded a meme on Facebook in January as a women's march took place. The meme asked whether those taking part in the march would be home in time to cook dinner, according to Time.

Ashley Bennett was infuriated at the Atlantic County freeholder's behaviour and the Associated Press claims this is why she decided to run against him.

She said: “I was angry about [the post] because elected officials shouldn’t be on social media mocking and belittling people who are expressing their concerns about their community and the nation."

Carman hit back at criticism by claiming women he knew were “strong and confident” and not affected by the sexist nature of the meme, but he did admit it was a poor choice of post and apologised.

Carman has been criticised for other controversial acts: in October, for example, he was seen wearing a jacket bearing the Confederate flag, a divisive symbol in the United States.

The Democratic Party also made huge gains in many of the local votes held in America this week.