Woman arrested after 'kidnapping 12-year-old and telling her Satan is here'

Woman arrested after 'trying to kidnap 12-year-old and telling her Satan is here'

Claudia Cruz Hernandez has been arrested (Credit: Santa Ana Police Department)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A woman in California has been arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap a child and telling her "the demons are coming, Satan is here."

Santa Ana police said Claudia Cruz Hernandez is suspected of the attempted kidnap of a minor under the age of 14.

It is claimed the 34-year-old was with Amy Martinez, who is 12 years old, when a mother spotted the pair, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The witness allegedly asked Amy if she was ok because "her eyes were screaming for help" and the child told her that she wasn't.

Police corporal Anthony Bertagna said the anonymous woman's "motherly instincts kicked in" and she told the alleged kidnapper "that's my child, give her back to me" three times before the suspect let the child go.

The 12-year-old has said that, at the time of the alleged kidnapping, she believed "I wouldn't see my mom or my dad again" and the suspect "was saying that 'the demons are coming, Satan is here'."

The woman took the child to her school where she was able to contact the police and her parents.

A motive for the incident has not yet been established, however it is thought the suspect is homeless.