Woman asked friend to hide loaded gun at home and 'joked' about children finding it

Woman asked friend to hide gun at home and seemingly joked about children finding it

A woman hid a gun in her home (Stock image)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A woman in Birmingham asked her friend to hide a gun in her home and sent messages appearing to laugh about the idea of children finding it.

Shyan Wright asked her friend to hide the revolver, which was loaded, along with a bag of eight bullets in May 2015 through messages on WhatsApp.

In a message Wright said: “I need a big favour… me and my baby father was wondering if you could hold onto a [gun emoji] for a bit. Ur only one I can trust [sic]."

The 25-year-old then went on to say “your yard ain’t hot," which West Midlands Police say means police had no interest in the woman's home.

Wright also claimed the woman would only need to keep the gun for "a couple of weeks."

The woman agreed to take part and three days later Wright asked where she had hidden the firearm, to which she replied “in Ma room [sic]."

Wright then responded “God forbid the children getting close…Lol." The woman had two children aged two and three at home.

However, a few weeks later, police did raid the 23-year-old woman's home in Handsworth and were able to recover the gun. She was jailed for five years.

Wright had been using the name ShyShy on WhatsApp and at first police were not sure of her real identity, however it was discovered last year during a wider gun crime investigation.

She firstly denied sending the messages, but later admitted aiding and abetting possession of a firearm in court.

Wright has been jailed for five years.