Woman burned by firework tells Eamonn Holmes of her 'scary' experience

Woman burned by firework tells Eamonn Holmes of her 'scary' experience

Monday, November 5, 2018

A caller who was burned by a firework says she isn’t put off firework displays, but that people need to “pay more attention” to the fireworks they’re buying.

Ruby Allen joined Eamonn Holmes and Liz Kershaw on the talkRADIO drivetime show, and shared her near-miss experience.

“We have a community firework show every year. We live in a cul-de-sac and it’s a nice way to get everyone together,” said Ms Allen.

“We got new fireworks this year and didn’t realise one needed to be buried a little bit, so it just tipped over when it went off.

“It was a big one that went off into loads of little explosions. I looked down and saw it between me and my mum, and it kind of shot up and hit her under the knee and up my thigh. I’ve got burns all up my thigh.”


'We had to run for our lives'

Kershaw revealed her own close encounter with a firework. “I can relate to that,” she said.

“I bought fireworks years ago, from a fishing tackle shop.

“I didn’t recognise the brand, they were Chinese, and we set these off - instead of going upwards, it shot across and we all had to literally run for our lives. This fearsome thing was coming across the lawn.”

First aider Emma Hamnett also joined Holmes and Kershaw, and advised anyone who finds themselves injured by a firework to run the injury under cold water for as long as possible.

“Cool running water, and lots of it!” she said.

“People always rush to try and dress a burn, but that’s not treating it.

“We’re made of meat! If you take the roast out of the oven to rest it’s still piping hot after five or ten minutes.

“You need to cool it for at least ten minutes, longer if possible, and keep the casualty warm and dry whilst you’re cooling the burn.”



Ms Allen’s quick-thinking sister took her upstairs to run the burn under cold water as per medical advice.

“I knelt in the bath for a little bit. I was in shock, it was quite a scary experience,” she said.

“I think we shouldn’t stop people from organising events like this, for our community it’s a lovely thing to get together every year, but I do think people need to pay more attention to the fireworks they’re buying and make sure they pay attention to what they’re doing.”