Woman commits suicide after being refused C-section

Woman committing suicide after being refused C-section prompts horror on social media

The woman was shown to be unable to walk without help (Credit: Twitter @RichTVXAsia)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Chinese social media users are reacting with horror at news of a pregnant woman who jumped out of a building after being refused a caesarian. 

Security footage from a hospital in the city of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, has been circulating online. 

It shows the woman, known only as 'Ms Ma', unable to walk without aid and appearing to be in pain. 

Doctors had reportedly said the woman, who was 41 weeks pregnant, needed to have a C-section because her baby's head was too big. 

However, under Chinese law, a woman's family must give her the right to undergo the procedure, and they refused, reportedly wanting her to have a natural birth.

Moments after this, the woman is thought to have jumped to her death, her baby dying as well. 

The incident and its reported cause has provoked online debate from shocked social media users, with several questioning why she wasn't allowed to make the decisions for her care by herself.