Woman cremates body she thinks is her brother - then her real brother turns up

Woman cremates body she thinks is her brother - then her real brother arrives at her house

The woman cremated a man she thought was her brother (Stock image)

Friday, October 6, 2017

A woman cremated the a man she had thought was her older brother, only to see her actual older brother appear at her house just hours afterwards.

Rajo Devi had seen a photo of a man who had been hanged in a newspaper, recognising the body as her 30-year-old brother Kaluram, according to The Metro.

To confirm her suspicions, she rang her brother and he did not answer as his phone was off, so she assumed he had passed away.

Devi went with family members to claim the body from police in Lalgarh, India, The Hindustan Times reported.

The other family members also thought that the body was that of Kaluram, according to head constable Mahavir Singh.

He also claimed that the 27-year-old woman suggested her brother had been in a relationship with a nomad woman, and thought it possible that she was responsible for the killing.

The body was released and then cremated by the family, but afterwards whilst the family were still together following the cremation, one member phoned Kaluram's number in an attempt to gain some smidgen of information about how he died.

This time the man answered the phone and explained it had been off previously as the battery had run out and he wasn't at home.

The relative told him to visit his sister's house quickly and the family cheered when he returned - presumably fairly shocked about what had happened.

However police are now still trying to identify who the dead man actually was.