Woman dies after being crushed in stampede during Real Madrid-Juventus Champions League final

Woman dies after being crushed in stampede at Champions League screening in Italy

A stampede took place at San Carlo square

Friday, June 16, 2017

A woman has died from her injuries after a stampede took place at a screening of the Champions League final earlier this month in Turin.

The hospital she was being treated at said she left the screening on June 3 in a coma and died during the night of June 15-16, according to The Local.

Reports claim the 38-year-old woman, named Erika, was pushed against a wall and her rib cage was compressed, giving her a heart attack which led to her brain being damaged.

She had attended the screening with her boyfriend, where there were roughly 30,000 people in San Carlo square. 

As the game between Juventus and Real Madrid ended, a stampede began, reportedly caused by fireworks being set off.

At least 1,500 people were injured in the stampede and some were further injured when a railing by the entrance to an underground car park under the square gave way. This meant some of the already injured people fell up to two metres.

A seven-year-old boy also left the event in a coma but is now said to be recovering.

The mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, tweeted of the news: "All words are insufficient. On behalf of myself and the city, I express my condolences for the death of Erika. A day of mourning will be announced."

An investigation by authorities into involuntary bodily harm had already begun in the wake of the crush, however this will now be changed to an investigation into involuntary homicide.