Woman identified after weekend World Cup vandalism

Monday, July 9, 2018

A woman has been identified by police after a picture of her jumping on an ambulance went viral in the aftermath of England's World Cup win over Sweden.

The woman, who has not been publicly named, was snapped on top of the emergency response vehicle, which had to be written off the road due to damage to the windscreen and bonnet.

A Metropolitan Police unit in Poplar, East London, tweeted the image of the woman in question saying they had 'identified' who she is.

‘Disgraceful minority’

It comes after emergency services hit out at the "disgraceful" minority of England fans who marked the team's passage to the World Cup semi-finals with disorder.

Sergeant Wayne Baker, with West Yorkshire Police, tweeted his disgust after pictures emerged of revellers dancing on top of an ambulance in central London.

He wrote: "When I see behaviour like this it makes me anything but proud to be English .... You are a total disgrace. As for our National Football Team ... that does make me proud to be English!"

London Ambulance Service published images of the damage to the vehicle.

They wrote: "We're delighted with the result, but this has put a big dampener on the celebrations for us: while our officer attended a call nearby, this car was damaged in Borough High Street during the celebrations after the game, it's now off the road to be repaired."

Emergency services had urged people to share photos on social media to help them find people who damaged the car.

Tower Hamlets Police wrote on Twitter: "Fairly sure every single one of them will enjoy explaining to the courts why they thought damaging London Ambulance vehicles was the appropriate response to England winning."

The Millwall Supporters' Club started a fundraising page aiming to raise £5,000 to repair the vehicle, which has exceeded its initial target.

It said if the insurance company pays for repairs, the money will be donated to the ambulance service.

Spike in 999 calls

Meanwhile, West Midlands police said it took the most ever 999 calls in its history, logging 3,276 in 24 hours owing to "a mix of the sun, World Cup, and alcohol".

Chief Superintendent Christine Wilson, of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said the force had seen a "huge rise in 999 calls from 5pm to 2am - so much violence, domestic abuse, and alcohol related stupidity".

A spokesman for the Met said there had not been a spike in call-outs over the weekend, despite the hysteria following England's victory over Sweden.

The match was held on the same weekend as the London Pride Parade, Wireless Festival and British Summertime Hyde Park, which brought swathes of tourists to the capital.

Videos posted to social media saw huge crowds fill the streets in cities across the country after the team made it through to the World Cup semi-finals.

In Nottingham, police were called after a taxi’s roof and windscreen was smashed in the city centre, while other clips from Manchester and Birmingham showed people on top of buses with their shirts off.

Footage from Clapham, south London, sees a fan plunge through a glass bus stop roof after leaping from the top of a double-decker bus.

A crowd of supporters were also filmed rushing into an Ikea in Stratford, east London, dancing on the furniture and kicking items around.

They were removed by security and a spokesperson for the Westfield shopping centre said the fans “disbanded quickly and safely”.

England will meet Croatia in the semi-final on Wednesday evening. They will play either France or Belgium in the final, held on Sunday, should they get there.