Woman kicked out of Starbucks for telling Korean customers to speak English

Woman kicked out of Starbucks for telling Korean customers to speak English

A woman refused to leave Starbucks when asked by staff

Friday, December 15, 2017

You've got to do something pretty bad to get kicked out of Starbucks... but a woman in California has managed it in spectacularly stupid fashion.

The bigoted coffee drinker told Korean customers that they should speak English rather than their own language.

The abuse was directed at two South Korean customers - a student who was going over her assignment and her teacher, according to The Metro.

The woman then said to the pair "I don’t wanna hear your language" and was confronted by two members of staff in the Walnut Creek coffee shop.

However the woman responded by saying "Oriental, I hate it" and "you know what, President Obama said that everyone in here, the majority in America should speak English." We're not quite sure Obama would have appreciated the name-check.

The abuser added that she's fine with people sitting quietly, but she just doesn't want to hear any language unless it is English. Which is lovely.

The student, identified as Annie An, retorted by saying she could use whichever language she chooses, and staff then asked the woman to leave again. Naturally she refused so they were forced to call the police.

The incident was filmed by the student and she posted it on Facebook. Her video has now received more than 400,000 views and many have expressed their support.

Watch the video below