Woman 'let almost 80 feral cats roam around home filled with rubbish'

Woman let 'almost 80 feral cats roam around home filled with rubbish'

A woman was banned from keeping cats (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A woman was banned from keeping cats after letting almost 80 feral felines roam around her council house amidst piles of rubbish, a court has heard.

In 2012 Elizabeth Blore and her brother Chris were evicted from their home after neighbours reported a smell caused by piles of cat faeces.

Inspectors found 30 tonnes of rubbish at their home in Kingsbury, north west London as well as dozens of cats.

Due to this they also banned the pair from keeping or feeding cats, according to Court News UK.

Council workers then spent three months fumigating the house, removing huge piles of garbage. During this time at least 15 cat skeletons were found under the rubbish.

In May this year police and animal welfare officers visited Blore's home to check she had not breached her anti-social behaviour order prohibiting her from feeding or keeping cats.

In her home the officers found cat faeces in the living room as well as an adult cat upstairs with young kittens, the court heard.

Speaking at Hendon Magistrates’ Court, Blore claimed: "The cat was a stray and the kittens were four weeks old.

"They weren’t weaned and were too small to go in the garden. They have taken the cats away now so I don’t have any cats."

Despite this she admitted to breaching the Asbo and was fined a total of £255, including prosecution costs and a surcharge.