Woman receives hate mail slating Grenfell victims after displaying 'United for Grenfell' poster

Woman receives hate mail slating Grenfell victims after displaying 'United for Grenfell' poster

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A woman in south east London has received hate mail slating the victims of Grenfell after displaying a poster in solidarity of those affected by the fire.

Clare Phillips, a social worker from Catford, posted a picture of the letter on Twitter, which brands Grenfell residents as "low life scum cheats".

The typed letter was sent first class to Ms Phillips' address in a self-seal envelope and was signed "from a wellwisher".

"It wasn’t a letter that had my specific name on it, it said the residents of the building," Ms Phillips said. "They folded it nicely, they made the effort to go to the postbox, so it wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing that someone has decided to do. They’ve gone away and made quite a lot of effort really to post that.


'Very sinister'

The United for Grenfell banner (left) is now on display in Ms Phillip's window (Image: Clare Phillips)

"The fact it started the letter 'dear friends' and at the end said from a 'wellwisher', it’s just very sinister."

Ms Phillips believes the letter is a response to the 'United for Grenfell' and 'Stand Up to Racism' posters she has displayed in the window of her property, which have been there for several months.

"It kind of makes it worse if it’s someone that’s local that’s up and down the road in the area, that harbours those kinds of views. It wasn’t what I was expecting on Saturday morning."


The letter

Page one of the letter (Image: Clare Phillips)

The letter was signed "from a wellwisher" (Image: Clare Phillips)

"I’m not directly involved in it [Grenfell], but it was a shock to open that up and deeply distressing to read it. My thinking was, whoever posted that, they don’t know that I didn’t lose people in the fire," Ms Phillips said.

Ms Phillips has been a regular attendee at monthly remembrance walks for the victims of Grenfell.

The letter was reported to the Metropolitan Police who detained the letter, but deemed it not to be a crime.

In a statement, they said: "Police in Lewisham were called on Saturday, 15 September to a residential address in Brownhill Road, SE6. 

"A resident displaying a poster supporting Grenfell Tower had received a letter which they found offensive. 

"An appointment was made and an officer attended. 

"The contents of the letter were not found to amount to a criminal offence. 

"The letter has been retained by police and a record made for intelligence purposes."