Woman slams CPS for dropping rape charges against abuser

Michelle accused the CPS of "diabolical" failures

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A woman who claims she was repeatedly raped by her partner has accused the Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service of "diabolical" failures that have resulted in her attacker walking free.

She told talkRADIO: "He is a rapist for God's sake, and he is not even on the sex offenders register."

The woman believes others will be let down by the authorities, which she claims have "no experience of domestic violence and do not understand the mental control" a violent man can exert over a woman.

At the end of a relationship in which Ian threatened to kill her, Michelle escaped and charges of rape and false imprisonment were brought against him.

Michelle and Ian are not their real names.

He also threatened her family and would react in a violent rage if she did anything without telling him.

At the start of his trial letters she had written to him were produced, which contained sexual content. It prompted the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the rape charges.

Michelle insists she had been forced to write them.

"He would tell me what to put in the letters and wanted them more sexual", she explained. "Anyone with an ounce of sense would know why I had to write them, but they didn't even give me a chance to explain in court."

Ian was sentenced for false imprisonment but just four years later Michelle was alerted he had been granted unescorted leave.

"I'm living in constant fear", she said.

Women's Aid described the case as "hugely concerning".

Lucy Hadley, Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager, told talkRADIO: "There continues to be a lack of understanding, from police officers first attending scenes, right the way through to the judiciary and probation service as well."

The CPS said: "After we received new evidence we determined there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction for rape", adding that "we appreciate the decision was disappointing for the victim".

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said offenders in such circumstances "are usually subject to conditions that prevent them from contacting or going close to their victims."

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