Woman swallowed up by ground as huge sinkhole appears in street

Woman swallowed up by ground as huge sinkhole appears in street

A woman fell down a sinkhole (Stock image)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A woman in China had quite a shock as she was walking along the street with her bike - when the ground suddenly swallowed her up.

The unlucky cyclist was engulfed by huge sinkhole on the way back from shopping in the Guangdong province.

The woman told the Guangzhou Daily about her experience: “The hole was big and I couldn’t move because the bicycle was on top of me. Water was gushing out at the same time.

“I was very scared. There was a pipe below to support me, otherwise I don’t know how I would have ended up."

Luckily despite being stuck she was able to shout for help and delivery men and a taxi driver came to her rescue.

They were able to find a long metal pole, which they could then lower down to allow the woman to climb out of the 2-metre-deep hole.

As she was covered in mud one of the delivery men gave her some more clothes so she could stay warm.

But both her head and hands were injured in the incident so she had to be taken to hospital, according to The South China Morning Post.

The local water authority believes the sinkhole was created as a water pipe had burst and staff also visited the woman in hospital.