Women aren't whores if they don't cover their faces, says Julia during heated burqa debate

'Banning a piece of cloth a women chooses to wear is against equality,' says Chief Executive of the Ramadan foundation

Women wearing the Burqa

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Julia Hartley-Brewer called for a complete ban on the burqa in the second part of her heated debate with Muslim activist and commentator Mohammed Shafiq this morning.

After Angela Merkel had called for a ban on the Muslim veil in Germany, Julia said that the burqa was fundamentally sexist, as only women wear it, and said "women aren't whores if they don't cover their faces."

In response, Shafiq said the burqa was very much a personal choice, and banning it "is against womens' rights and equality."

As the interview neared its conclusion, Julia repeatedly asked Shafiq why men do not wear the burqa - while Shafiq accused Julia of constantly interrupting him.

Listen to the heated exchange above.

To listen to the first part of the interview, in which Julia suggested the burqa goes against the basic social norms of British society, click here.