Women Boycott Twitter campaign dubbed 'lazy, futile and a mistake'

Women Boycott Twitter campaign dubbed 'lazy, futile and a mistake'

Some women are boycotting Twitter today (October 13)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Female Twitter users are boycotting the site in droves today (October 13) as they claim the website is ignoring abuse - but not everyone thinks it’s a great idea.

It started when the service suspended Rose McGowan after she made allegations against Harvey Weinstein, according to The Telegraph.

However Twitter says the suspension was nothing to do with statements about abuse, but instead claimed McGowan had broken rules on personal phone numbers.

Her account is now active again but some are criticising Twitter over the way it chooses who should be suspended or removed.

Many women are standing with McGowan by not using the social media site for 24 hours, and yet the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter is surprisingly still trending worldwide.

It could be because many people don't seem to understand the notion behind the movement, as they question why users would silence themselves when that is exactly what they're protesting against.

Some have even labelled the campaign lazy, futile and a mistake - although presumably protestors won't see it this way.

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