Women in the media are still scratching around in the rubble for equality, says talkRADIO star Natalie Campbell

'Women in media are still few and far between, we’re still scratching around in the rubble', says co-host Natalie Campbell

Clare Hollingworth has passed away at the age of 105

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

There is still a shortage of women working in media, leaving them "scratching around in the rubble," according to talkRADIO star Natalie Campbell.

Natalie and her fellow presenters Harriet Minter and Emma Sexton were discussing female representation in the media on their new show, Badass Women's Hour, which made its talkRADIO debut on Saturday.

The debate was prompted by the death of Clare Hollingworth, who the ladies named their "backdated badass" of the week. The veteran war correspondent, who passed away last week aged 105, broke the news of the Nazi invasion in Poland, which triggered the outbreak of World War Two.

Natalie was particularly vociferous on the subject, saying there is still a chronic shortage of women working in the media industry.

She said: "We’re still few and far between. When you watch the credits roll on news programming, it’s still a man's name at the end.

“Until we have more women’s names at the end, we’re still scratching around in the rubble."

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