Women-only motorshow begins in Saudi Arabia

Women-only motor show begins in Saudi Arabia

Previously motor shows in Saudi Arabia were aimed at men

Friday, January 12, 2018

A motorshow with a difference has started in Saudi Arabia - with only women allowed to attend.

The event taking place in Le Mall, Jeddah, is the first-ever car exhibition for women in the country as they were only entitled to the right to drive a few months ago.

Photos of the event show an array of pink, yellow and orange balloons in the exhibition area, whilst several women have taken photos with the cars. The cars are also being sold by women.

In addition to the women-only message, the motorshow is designed to promote fuel-efficient cars, according to The Economic Times.

The event is using the slogan "drive and shop," which is intended as a play on words in Arabic.

The announcement that women would be granted the right to drive in Saudi Arabia was made in September last year by King Salman.

Previously women who wanted to drive had to have permission from a guardian in order to be given a driver's licence, and would need a guardian in the car with them at all times.

The country was the last in the world to lift the ban on female drivers, but is now undergoing a belated modernisation drive under King Salman, who has vowed to return the country to "moderate Islam."