'Women-only train carriages are insulting to men and will make problems worse'

'Women-only train carriages are insulting to men and will make problems worse'

Natasha Devon says the UK shouldn't have women-only carriages (Stock image)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Women-only carriages on trains are a step backwards, insulting to men and will make problems worse, according to a campaigner.

Labour MP Chris Williamson has suggested that female-only carriages should be created on trains to create a safe space and reduce sexual offences.

Natasha Devon, the co-founder of body image organisation Body Gossip, told Sam Delaney: "When I first heard about it on a very personal internal level I thought that would be lovely I would love to feel particularly late at night that there was a safe place I could go where I couldn't be hassled in any way.

However this idea is actually "a step backwards. Segregating men and women, it’s insulting to men."

Devon doesn't want to live in a world "where the whole structure of society is based around thinking so badly of people, but also excusing that behaviour.

"Our ultimate aim should be to make Britain a safe space where people can exist and not feel intimidated" but separating men and women is "only going to make the problem worse.

It would "exacerbate the problem because how do you get to moderate your behaviour or understand what’s acceptable? By mixing with people. It’s about understanding people from different backgrounds with a different understanding of the world to yourself."

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