‘Women pay more' for the 'same' product

‘Women pay more' for the 'same' product

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

An MP has launched a bid to stop products from being priced differently based on whether they are targeted towards men or women.

Christine Jardine, the Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, has introduced a bill introduce a bill that would ban differentiatedpricing on products that are similar for men and women - such as razors and deodorants.



She told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “It is a big problem with research suggesting that women can spend up to 20 per cent more than men.

“There are also products that men pay more on that is not fair when they are exactly the same product.

“It is something that most of us don’t actually notice. It is an everyday thing that we go into the shops and buy these products and we don’t actually notice the prices.”

Ms Jardine argued that the price difference could end up being “a lot of money” for many families.


'The customer does not know' 

Questioning whether it was down to the consumer to be more aware, Julia asked: “Is this not just down to consumers being a bit more savvy?

“If you are a woman and you feel the need to buy razors that are pink to feel more feminine when you are getting the stumble off your shins, then you deserve to be charged extra?”

“It actually starts much younger. It is also about marketing and women prepared to pay a little more,” Ms Jardine responded.



Julia suggested that it was reasonable for companies to charge more “if your customer is prepared to pay more”.

The Liberal Democrat MP replied: “Your customer does not know that they are paying more. Maybe they do know now but the important thing is that we have to get away from this situation we are in. From when we are very young, things are marketing differently to girls and boys and we are made to think that there is a difference in the things that they buy.

“We shouldn’t allow the narrative that girls are prepared to pay more when girls don’t know they are paying more.”