Women’s activist Posie Parker projects dictionary definition of woman onto Leeds buildings

Women’s activist Posie Parker projects dictionary definition of woman onto Leeds buildings

Light projection of dictionary definition of the word 'woman' on Leeds Art Gallery. Image: Calum Scotland

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, has projected her definition of ‘woman’ poster onto buildings in Leeds, including Leeds Art Gallery.

The light projection shows the Google definition of the word “woman” and on Friday, was projected onto the side of Leeds Art Gallery in the centre of the city and at other locations in the city.

A billboard poster of the definition was taken down in September this year after it was accused of being part of a “transphobic” campaign.

This was followed by the same poster being projected onto buildings in London in October this year.

A light projection appeared in London on October 12 on the National Gallery, the Royal Opera House and the BBC, with the dictionary definition of ‘woman’.

The stunt was done by Ms Keen-Minshull, the same activist who arranged a poster in Liverpool with the words, and the most recent projection in Leeds.


'Assert our own boundaries' 

Watch: Posie Parker being interviewed by Matthew Wright after the Liverpool billboard was taken down.

Her campaign, Standing for Woman, is against the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, that would make it easier for transgender people to obtain legal documentation in the gender they live as.

The Liverpool poster was removed after complaints of transphobia, including from Dr Adrian Harrop, who called the campaign “a transphobic hate group”.

Keen-Minshull previously told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “It’s about time women were allowed to assert our own boundaries and the first and foremost boundary is language that protects us and is about is. It does mean adult human female, and it doesn’t mean anything else.”

Leeds Art Gallery has been contacted for comment.