Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon because lead actress Gal Godot is from Israel

Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon due to lead actress from Israel

Gal Gadot was previously in the Israeli army (Stock image)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lebanon has banned the latest Wonder Woman film, because the lead actress is played by an Israeli.

The Lebanese interior ministry banned the film just hours before it was set to be released in the country, according to reports.

It is said the ministry took the decision on advice given to them by the the General Security directorate.

Lead actress Gal Gadot was previously in the Israeli army, which remains at war with Lebanon, although the two countries have been observing a ceasefire since 2006.

Cinemas knew the Ministry of Economy and Trade had made a formal request to ban the film as it is against exports from Israel.

But many cinemas were still surprised by the ban being implemented at such short notice and one of the first signs it had been banned was through a tweet sent by Lebanon's Grand Cinemas chain.

A premiere for the film due to be held in Beirut was also cancelled.

Previously the Ministry of Economy and Trade had requested that Batman v Superman should be banned in 2016, as Gadot also appeared as Wonder Woman in the film, but the request wasn't successful.