Wonder Woman sacked as a UN ambassador after just two months

Wonder Woman is dropped as a UN ambassador after just two months

Wonder Woman has been dropped as a UN ambassador

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wonder Woman has been removed from her position as an honorary ambassador to the United Nations, just two months into the highly prestigious job,

The idea of her appointment was to empower girls, however when this was announced it caused a public outcry, with many people suggest a real woman such as Malala Yousufzai would have been more appropriate.

She was appointed just two months ago but had the honour removed on Friday, according to The Guardian.

It is not clear why Wonder Woman has lost her ambassadorship, however a United Nations spokesperson told The Guardian that fictional character campaigns only last a short time.

Despite this, it was originally announced that her campaign would continue into 2017.

45,000 people also signed a petition against Wonder Woman's position, asking UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to reconsider.

In October nearly 100 demonstrators protested at the ceremony where her appointment was announced.