'Wonder Woman UN award is an insult - why don't they honour real women like Malala?'

Wonder Woman, seen here being played in 2004, is not an appropriate choice as UN Ambassador, says Shafia Rafi (Getty)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Journalist and campaigner Shazia Rafi has described the decision to make Wonder Woman an honorary UN Ambassador for Women's Empowerment as "insulting" and said real-life figures such as Malala Yousufzai would have been a far better choice.

Rafi was speaking to talkRADIO ahead of the formal appointment of Wonder Woman, with UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon overseeing the ceremony this afternoon.

Rafi, who is now the UN Representative for the All Pakistan Women’s Association, said women and girls "don't need a cartoon to represent them for gender equality" and suggested the decision to honour a fantasy character was doubly insulting because the UN had rejected "very credible female candidates" for the role of secretary-general.

Given this perceived injustice, Rafi called on Ban to cancel the award and give it to an actual living, breathing human instead.

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