Work and pensions secretary defends benefit changes: 'Working is beneficial for individuals and children across the board'

Damian Green has defended the changes to the benefit system

Damian Green has defended the changes to the benefit system

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keeping a job is beneficial for everyone, not just job-holders, according to the work and pensions secretary.

The benefit system is changing this week, restricting tax credits and universal credit payments to a maximum of two children per family.

The changes have been widely criticised, by MP Damian Green has defended them, suggesting the new system will provide more incentive to work.

Green told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "getting and keeping a job is good for you and your children across the board." He believes in families where no one is working children "are significantly more likely to do badly at school."

The changes to the benefits system, he says, will "encourage people to both be in work, take more hours and work to a promotion."

Green also added that the universal credit system means people won't have to choose between working more and losing "so much benefit they'll be worse off", and working less while keeping benefits.

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