'The world is becoming a less safe place' - MP John Redwood defends Trident decision

'The world is becoming a less safe place' - John Redwood MP on why we need Trident

The MP for Wokingham (standing) is a staunch supporter of the UK's nuclear deterrent

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

John Redwood has firmly defended the UK's Trident nuclear weapons programme, saying the country needs the security it offers because the world is becoming "less safe".

His robust defence of the controversial programme comes after MPs voted overwhelmingly 472 to 117 on Monday to maintain the UK's nuclear deterrent. 

In the process, parliament approved the manufacture of four replacement submarines at a current estimated cost of £31bn, as well as ongoing maintenance costs also expected to stretch into tens of billions of pounds.

The former Secretary of State for Wales, who is the MP for Wokingham, discussed his views on Trident in an interview with Penny Smith.

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