The world's first Sudoku? Ancient puzzle discovered on wall in Turkey

Ancient crossword puzzle discovered on a wall in Turkey

A crossword puzzle has been discovered in the ancient settlement of Smyrna (Flickr)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

An ancient crossword-like puzzle has been discovered in Turkey, found in the ancient settlement of Smyrna, which is now İzmir.

Located on the wall of the basilica in the market place of the ancient city, it has Greek words going horizontally and vertically.

Associate Professor Akin Ersoy, head of the Smyrna Agora excavations, said the city dates back 2,500 years but it is hard to make sense of the crossword as there are also names of people within it.

Whist some claim the Christian community of this time was pressured by Roman authorities, and used crosswords to communicate, Dr Ersoy believes this was just a simple puzzle used for fun and entertainment.

Stalls would have been positioned in front of the walls as it was a market place, and this new discovery suggests what the store holders did in their spare time.