The world's four craziest stunts - and the people who've lived to tell the tale

The world's four craziest stunts - and the people who've lived to tell the tale

A stunt performed at an air show in El Salvador (Getty)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Would you do any of these stunts, at any given time?

We don't imagine you would - but at least you can join in with the rest of us and marvel at how brave and daring these four people are. 

Check out the world's most insane stunts below:

Man jumps off an eight-storey building

So this man had the bright idea to climb up to the top of an apartment block and jump off it, filming the whole thing on Go-Pros. What makes the video all that more terrifying is that he narrowly avoids hitting the concrete deck in the marina below. 



The GoldenEye bungee jump

Fans of the James Bond series might remember that the opening of the 1995 film GoldenEye showed 007, then in the Pierce Brosnan era, bungee jumping off a dam in Russia to enter a weapons facility at its base. Well, this video isn't that rather iconic moment, instead it's a group of daredevils re-creating it. They travelled to the dam, which is actually the Contra Dam located in southern Switzerland, and jumped off it attached by their bungee cords. All things considered, this stunt's fairly safe.  



Free-fall from the edge of space

Felix Baumgartner will forever go down in history as the man who broke world records for skydiving by free-falling from the edge of space.

In October of 2012, after falling from a helium balloon in the stratosphere, Baumgartner fell an estimated 39 km (24 m), reaching an estimated top speed of 1,357.64 km/h. He became the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle in a fall. 

Daring, but I don't fancy it myself. 



The parachute-less skydive

Gary Connery's a man like no other. How many people do you know that would jump out of a helicopter in only a modified wingsuit and no parachute? 

He survived after falling a distance of roughly 2,400 kilometers, gliding with the suit for a period of time.