World's longest water slide to be created in Malaysian theme park

World's longest water slide to be created in Malaysian theme park

A water slide is to be created at Escpae theme park (Stock image)

Monday, December 18, 2017

A new water slide is set to be built in Malaysia and it will become the longest in the world, measuring one kilometre in length.

It will be constructed at Escape theme park in Penang, according to The Star, and sounds like it could be quite exciting.

The founder of the theme park, Sim Choo Kheng, explained: “From the hilltop, people will zoom down the slide which will cross Jalan Teluk Bahang beside a pedestrian link bridge, and end in a swimming pool inside our water theme park."

Due to its length, riders will have to travel on a chairlift for 420 metres just to reach the top, so it's certainly not an attraction for those averse to heights - or queuing.

As well as taking the water slide from the top of the hill, people will be able to go sledging down it - as well as zooming on a zip wire.

The attractions are expected to open in December 2018 and the area is to be called Gravityplay.

The water area of the theme park, which has 20 attractions, is brand new as it only opened on Saturday (December 16). The rest of the theme park opened in 2012.

Escape is the top-rated theme park in Malaysia on TripAdvisor, and the chief minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, said he hopes the brand will branch out to other countries.

He explained: “I have been told that Sim Leisure Group has started negotiations for a major Escape theme park in Thai­land."