'This is worse than eating camel poo': Bear Grylls mauled for appearing at Tory Party Conference

'Most degrading thing he's done' - Bear Grylls appears at the Tory Party Conference

Bear Grylls went to the Tory Party Conference

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Some of the world's biggest beasts have been unable to get their paws on Bear Grylls, but he's received a fearful mauling in the jungle that is Twitter after speaking at the Conservative Party Conference today.

Wearing a Scout's uniform, Grylls warned the Government that it "will perish" if it does not address the needs of young people, The Telegraph reported.

He also called on the Tories to invest £50 million in scouting, adding that if he was the Prime Minister and made this "relatively small investment" it would be the best money he could ever spend.

Naturally critics questioned Grylls' motivation after his little cameo.

Some have suggested that he's probably teaching the Conservatives how to survive, but others have been more critical of him agreeing to appear.

They suggest that he's "down on his luck" and this is the most "degrading" thing they've seen him do, despite his having previously drunk urine and eaten faeces on TV.

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