Would-be school shooter 'had rifle, revolver, machetes and crossbow in his bedroom'

Teenager 'who threatened attack had six firearms, ammunition and knives' in his bedroom

A semi-automatic rifle was found in the boy's room (Stock image)

Monday, January 29, 2018

A student accused of threatening to start a school shooting has been found to have amassed a horrific arsenal including six different firearms.

Police arrested the 14-year-old boy last week after another student claimed he threatened the attack on Uniontown Area High School in Pennsylvania.

This led to the parents and the teenager being interviewed by police. The parents are said to be cooperating. 

It is not clear how he allegedly obtained the arsenal, which included a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a crossbow, a revolver, two lever-action rifles and ammunition. 

Officers also discovered two machetes and throwing knives in the boy's bedroom.

Authorities believe the boy was planning to conduct an attack on Friday (January 27) against four students, according to CBS Pittsburgh

The boy is now in a juvenile detention centre as he has been charged with possession of a firearm, terrorist threats and attempt to commit catastrophe.

It is not clear what the motive may have been for the alleged plan but some parents claim they think it is linked to bullying.

The pupil who raised the alarm about the threat has been praised as a hero by the District Attorney and parents.