Writer Laura Perrins blasts TfL for 'cultural Marxism' over gender-neutral announcements

'Removing the phrase ladies and gentlemen is an outrageous form of authoritarianism', says The Conservative Woman

London Underground won't use the phrase ladies and gentlemen

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Transport for London has been accused of "cultural marxism" over plans for gender-neutral announcements on the tube.

Journalist Laura Perrins said the plans, which will see the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" removed from tannoy updates, are "outrageous" and said a tiny minority of people is trying to impose its will on the rest of society.

Perrins, co-editor of post-feminist culture website The Conservative Woman, told Jon Holmes: "I just think this is outrageous form of authoritarianism."

Ladies and gentlemen, she says, is "a polite way of addressing people before you tell them their train is inevitably delayed.

"If people want to wear, or identify, however they wish, that’s a matter for them. But it’s when you want to reshape the world in your own image.

"People who don't identify as male or female are a tiny minority of individuals. They don’t get to reshape the entire world. You do not get to recreate science."

Perrins went on to say this new naming custom will spread, first of all through the public sector and then the private sector, and could do untold damage to society.

Instead of this policy, she said she would tell Transport for London: "People expect to be addressed in a polite form. Can you please say 'ladies and gentlemen and others' if you want to.

"The majority of people do not want that but as usually it’s a tiny vocal minority that get to dictate to the rest of us."

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