WW2 bomb finally moved from River Thames

The bomb forced the shutdown of London City Airport

The bomb forced the shutdown of London City Airport

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Police say the World War II bomb found in east London on Sunday morning has been lifted from the River Thames and taken to a secure area for disposal.

The device, which was found at King George V Dock, forced the shutdown of London City Airport as rescue workers tried to remove it.

The bomb was removed from its original position and taken to a secondary location within the dock at approximately 6pm on Monday (February 12).

A new exclusion zone was implemented and residents within the area were asked, from early evening, to evacuate to temporary emergency accommodation which was provided by the local council. All of these residents have since been offered the chance to return home.

The transportation of the device - confirmed by Met and Royal Navy dive teams as a 500kg tapered-end shell measuring approximately 1.5m - will impact on river traffic and motorists are advised that bridges along the route will be temporarily closed to traffic.

Police say every effort is being made to progress the operation as quickly as possible, but all steps and precautions must be taken to ensure the device is dealt with safely.