'Yellow vest' protester James Goddard demonetised by YouTube

Yellow vest protester James Goddard’s YouTube channel demonetised

Yellow vest activist James Goddard in one of his videos on YouTube.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Yellow vest protester James Goddard’s YouTube channel has been demonetised for violating the platform’s policies on "hateful" and "incendiary and demeaning" content.

talkRADIO alerted YouTube to videos including one in which the activist described London Mayor Sadiq Khan as a “terrorist protecting terrorists” who “associated with jihadists”.

In another, police are called after a Muslim stall holder in Manchester felt "distressed" by the presence of Mr Goddard, who responded that he felt the same “when they are promoting that hateful ideology."



A spokesperson for YouTube said advertisements had been removed from the channel because the content of some of videos "shamed or insulted an individual or group”.

When contacted by talkRADIO, Mr Goddard said he had "received no correspondence from YouTube over the matter".

"This is the first I've heard of my channel being demonetised. I've received no correspondence from YouTube over the matter. However if it's true, then I'd like to know which of my videos are classed as hateful or demeaning."

He continued: "I find it all rather strange. I ring the communications director of Hope Not Hate yesterday, and then all of a sudden I'm demonetised.

"I've never received so much as a warning from YouTube, however we all know the cards are stacked against people like us."


'Hate speech'

James Goddard's video titled 'Destroying Sadiq Khan at the State of London Debate' 

Mr Goddard is to appear in court next week charged with two public order offences and two counts of harassment over unrelated incidents that took place outside the Houses of Parliament in December and January.

He is a regular at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park, and claims the UK government is “corrupt”.

Yellow-vested protesters are a regular feature around Westminster, echoing the attire worn by protesters in Paris. The group made headlines in December after blocking traffic on Westminster Bridge.

In January, Mr Goddard’s Facebook pages were removed by the platform for reportedly violating its policies on “hate speech”.



A spokesperson for Facebook said: "We will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation and which may provoke real-world violence."

The demonetisation of his YouTube channel comes after the platform removed advertisements from Tommy Robinson’s channel in January.

Both campaigners have been banned from Facebook, Twitter and PayPal and deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has also called for Mr Robinson’s YouTube account to be closed.