‘Yellow vest’ protester James Goddard freed after arrest

James Goddard called Jeremy Corbyn a 'traitor'

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Pro-Brexit activist James Goddard has been released without charge after he was arrested outside a Jeremy Corbyn rally.

The self-styled ‘yellow vest’ protester had blocked the Labour leader’s car and shouted “Corbyn is a traitor” in Salford on Monday evening. He could also be heard chanting “we love you Boris, we do”.

After blocking the car for around five minutes Goddard was handcuffed by police and spent the evening under questioning.

Greater Manchester Police said he was arrested for suspicion of breach of the peace and had now been released.

Simon Archer witnessed the arrest, and said Goddard claimed he had not broken the law.

“I didn't see what caused them to act but they restrained him against a lamppost, which is where he began to plead with the police not to send him to prison as he would be killed,” he said.

In July Goddard was banned from going near Parliament for five years after he was convicted of hurling abuse at remain-supporting MP Anna Soubry.

He was handed an eight-week sentence, suspended for a year, for calling Ms Soubry a “Nazi” and a “traitor”.

In her victim impact statement the MP said she was “really intimidated” and “very shaken” by the verbal assault.

In June he was fined £300 for assaulting a photojournalist at a rally in Manchester.

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