'Yellow Vest' protesters mocked for handing out flyers promoting 'starvation' and 'child abuse'

UK Yellow Vests

The flyer handed out to protesters. Image: Mike Galsworthy/Twitter

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A group of 'Yellow Vest' protesters have been mocked online after distributing a list of issues they stood for, which included starvation, charity corruption and child abuse.

The list, titled 'UK yellow vests and what we stand for', was distributed to attendees at an anti-austerity march in London yesterday.

The bullet-pointed list began with 'Brexit' and 'Justice for our boys', before listing issues such as 'greedy bankers' and 'corrupt politicians'.

Pictures of the list began circulating online yesterday, with users questioning whether the creator of the leaflet had understood they were writing topics the group were in favour of.

Twitter user, Mike Galsworthy, posted a picture of the flyer with the caption: "Wait, wait, wait... They stand *FOR* Brexit, child abuse, corruption and fake news?!".


Another, Marc O'Reachtaire, wrote: "It's like in school when your assignment was late and you just printed off what you had already written without bothering to read it."