Yemen's Houthi rebels attack Saudi warship with 'suicide boat', killing two

Yemen's Houthi movement 'crash suicide boats into a Saudi warship, killing two people'

The war in Yemen continues

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yemen's Houthi movement have carried out a suicide attack on a Saudi warship which has left two people dead.

The attack took place off the western coast of Yemen, causing an explosion which also killed three people on Monday, according to Saudi state news agency SPA.

A statement from the Saudi-led coalition forces, who are fighting to repel the Houthis in Yemen, said the ship "came under attack from three suicide boats belonging to the Houthi militias."

The Houthis have also claimed responsibility for the attack, but they claim it was caused by a rocket rather than suicide boats, according to Sky News.

Saudi-led coalition troops launched their offensive against the Houthis in 2015, after the rebels seized the Yemeni capital Sanaa and overthrew the government of Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi. 

It is estimated that thousands of civilians have been killed during airstrikes as part of the offensive against the Houthis, who champion Yemen's Zaidi Shia Muslim minority and are backed by Iran.  

The Saudi coalition has been backed by the UK, US and France but has also been heavily criticised for its Yemeni campaign.