Yorkshire Tea says ‘be kind’ after abuse over Rishi Sunak’s brew

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Yorkshire Tea has asked social media users to “try to be kind” after it was targeted in a frenzy of online abuse over a picture of Rishi Sunak using its teabags.

The newly appointed Chancellor had said “Nothing like a good Yorkshire brew” as he tweeted an image of himself with a giant bag of the tea while he made a round for the treasury team.

The brand quickly sent out a disclaimer that they were not associated with the post, saying: “Nothing to do with us – people of all political stripes like our brew”.

But nevertheless, many tea-drinkers were outraged by their apparent link to a Conservative politician, with many threatening to boycott the brand and one accusing it of being supported by “racist brexiteers”.

The onslaught led to the curator of Yorkshire Tea’s Twitter account taking to the platform once again today to address what they said had been a weekend of “furious accusations” and “rage”.

They said it had been a “rough weekend” and “pretty shocking to see the determination some have had to drag us into a political mudfight”.

The thread continued: “Speaking directly now, as the person who’s been answering these tweets, I know it could have been much worse. It’s easier to be on the receiving end of this as a brand than as an individual. There’s more emotional distance and I’ve had a team to support me when it got a bit much.

“But for anyone about to vent their rage online, even to a company – please remember there’s a human on the other end of it, and try to be kind.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock jokingly admitted that he preferred Earl Grey but told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that there was a serious side to the story.

“They were clearly really upset about it and it’s another reminder that people have got to be nice to each other.”

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