'You are stark staring mad': Listen to Julia Hartley-Brewer's Brexit row with Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner

Julia said Barry Gardiner was guilty of incredible naivety

Julia clashed with Labour MP Barry Gardiner on her show this morning

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Julia labelled a senior ally of Jeremy Corbyn "stark staring mad" on her show this morning as he defended the Labour leader's policy on the customs union.

Our host suggested Barry Gardiner was guilty of incredible naivety after the shadow international trade secretary suggested it was perfectly feasible that the EU would give Britain a say on trade deals with third-party countries, including a potential veto.

Supporting Corbyn's headline speech yesterday, which said that Britain and the EU should forge a bespoke customs union after Brexit, Gardiner said the two sides could create a forum to thrash out a mutual negotiating strategy for third countries. But Julia suggested there was no chance of the EU agreeing to this, given Britain will cease to be a member-state once Brexit is complete,.

She continued: "If you think that Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt, Donald Tusk, any of the rest of them... Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron... if you think any of them are going to agree to give the EU a veto over international trade agreements signed by the EU, you're stark staring mad." 

Gardiner insisted it was a real possibility, however, insisting this arrangement could help solve the border issue in Ireland - a key policy for the EU.

He also suggested Corbyn's stance, which some have suggested was nothing more than a cynical attempt to win the support of Tory rebels and bring down the Government, was nothing to do with the "machinations of politics" and was genuinely in the national interest.

However Julia continued to ridicule Corbyn's policy, and suggested that, if Labour wanted to maintain a customs union with the EU, there'd be no need for an international trade secretary and thus Gardiner would be "on the dole." 

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