'You couldn't criticise Obama because people would call you racist - and Donald Trump is suffering the backlash'

'It's cool to hate the President now, but people need to give Donald Trump a chance', says American radio host

J.T. Williamson wants people to give Donald Trump a chance

Friday, January 13, 2017

An American radio host has given talkRADIO a rather unusual explanation for the tsunami of criticism which has engulfed President-elect Donald Trump.

JT Williamson believes it's simply "become cool to hate on the President," because people are finally free to give vent to their feelings are years of oppression during the tenure of Barack Obama.

Williamson, who has its own show on SuperTalk Mississippi, told James Whale and Ash that, if you criticised Mr Obama, you'd be called a racist - and now Mr Trump is suffering the backlash.

He also said that Mr Trump is a successful man and we need to give him a chance rather than piling in with criticism.

James had a rather more conventional explanation for Mr Trump's unpopularity, claiming people simply don't like him because he says stupid things on Twitter.

But Williamson believes: “Donald Trump’s better than Hillary Clinton would have ever been. The American people are fed up of political correctness."

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