'You're acting like a spoilt child' Mike Graham tells anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole

Mike and Femi

Friday, October 19, 2018

talkRADIO's Mike Graham clashed with anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole, calling him a "spoilt child".

Mr Oluwole, a spokesperson for the pro-Remain Our Future Our Choice campaign group, appeared on the show to talk about a People's Vote march taking place in central London on Saturday.

Graham claimed that it was "ridiculous to expect everything you vote for" and that the outcome of the referendum should be respected.

Mr Oluwole accused Graham of "arguing against democracy" adding that Leave voters weren't "getting what they voted for".



"The idea that the people who argue for Brexit saying it would be better for the NHS and now they're happy for a Brexit that will significantly damage the NHS, that is a fundamental betrayal of Brexit voters," Mr Oluwole said.

Graham accused his guest of "acting like a spoilt child" and even threatened to "throw him out of the studio" during a heated exchange about whether the UK could be drafted into an EU army.

Over 100,000 attendees are expected at tomorrow's march including celebrity chef Delia Smith and politician-turned-author Alastair Campbell, who has been vocal about wanting a second vote on Brexit.

The march will begin in Park Lane and travel to Westminster.