'You're not going to rest until you've destroyed Brexit': Listen to Julia Hartley-Brewer's clash with pro-EU thinktank director

'A complete mayhem situation' - Julia Hartley-Brewer in fiery clash with pro-EU British Influence

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a heated debate with Peter Wilding

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a fiery debate with the director of a pro-EU think tank on her show this morning over whether a vote on the Brexit deal is worthwhile.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has announced that Parliament will get a vote on the final Brexit deal before the UK leaves the EU, but the proposal has been criticised as a 'take it or leave it' offer which won't allow MPs any proper scrutiny.

Peter Wilding, director of British Influence, appeared on Julia's show and added his voice to the criticism, saying Davis' proposal could create "a complete mayhem situation."

 "Essentially what he’s saying is 'we’ll give you a gun to hold to your head and if you don’t like it you can blow it off'", Wilding added.

But Julia responded by saying Wilding and his fellow remainers are simply moaning again because they haven't got what they really want: a reversal of Brexit.

"Is it just me or is every single thing you ask for, when you get it, not quite enough," Julia said, "because what you really want is for us not to leave the EU and you're not going to rest until you get it."

Our presenter continued by ridiculing suggestions that Brexiteers are deluded or confused on Brexit, and accused Remainers of "scaremongering" on issues such as the Irish border.

As the interview got increasing heated, Julia said Remainers are hampering the chances of a good Brexit deal throughout their tactics, prompting Wilding to suggest that Julia wanted to send "the Brexit gestapo out to arrest [Remainers] as saboteurs". 

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